What I learned after quitting Facebook and Instagram

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Around 2 years ago, I made an impulsive decision, that I am proud of — I quit Facebook, and a few months back, I did the same with, Instagram. It was an escape for me, but it was taking away all my energy. I’ve met some amazing people from around the world, reunited with old friends and got to share my stories with them, but everything has an end, therefore I finally chose to let go.

I isolated myself for some time and turned inward.

When you meditate, you realise that the mind is never in reality, and we choose to remain in fiction, despite feeling like a victim. You only experience your inner state projected outside, as the world, in waking state. If you are a highly sensitive soul, then solitude is something you need, every now and then, to recharge yourself. Imagine what life would be without contemplation, wonder and day-dreaming?

We are creative beings and are born to express. To be who we are!

I won’t encourage anyone to quit social media, as long as it isn’t affecting their daily life, in a negative way. Most people in the same are able to maintain their sanity because of internet, especially after the infamous lock down. The irony is that the radiations of the telecommunication and internet towers are making us mentally and physically exhausted, and we are using the same technology to keep ourselves alive. We are not that different from guinea pigs in a lab.

Some people are able to maintain a balance between work and play. As far as I’m concerned, I tend to become obsessive-compulsive and neglect my basic needs, such as, health, social relationships, work, etc. I suppose that’s why I am a writer. I am meant to take the road less traveled.

I recently joined Medium and it is growing on me, every day. Although, it is also social media, the concept makes it way more productive or creative than other platforms. Most people are not here just to get applauded or read fancy articles, but to connect on a deeper level and bleed their heart out.

I am sure Medium has saved lives of thousands of people over here, who were seeking a place where they can be themselves and forget their pain. I look forward to working on my craft and connecting with interesting people from across the globe.

Thank you for reading!




Deep thinker. Interested in philosophy, metaphysics and mysticism. tahawada99@gmail.com http://taha-all-one.blogspot.com/

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Taha Abbas

Taha Abbas

Deep thinker. Interested in philosophy, metaphysics and mysticism. tahawada99@gmail.com http://taha-all-one.blogspot.com/

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