The New Moon Comes With A New Hope

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

A few days back, I was wondering “perhaps I have hit rock bottom”. Of course, this wasn’t the first time, I felt like that. But sometimes life takes you in a direction, where you feel that you cannot go further. It scares you to the core. It’s like when you are all alone, late at night, and you get caught by cops.

This New Moon week, has been a turn around for me. I have decided to quit my addictions, and add structure to my life. It feels like being born again, but this time, you have to your own parent. I never learned to live in the ‘real world’. Although I am 33, I still feel like a 13 year old, stuck in his shell.

Right now, I feel stuck between heavens and the earth. Yes, I’m in limbo. A part of me, wants to be free, and another part of me, wants to take charge of life and live, instead of fantasising death.

If you are like me, who feels that they have crashed and needs to “jump start” their system, then don’t worry, the Universe has got your back! You have to learn to trust the process.

Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right place. — Paulo Coehlo



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