What I am about to tell you is hypothetical, as I am no mystic, but I speak from my own experience.

The more I dive into my soul, I discover a Universe within. Indeed, we are a microcosm within a macrocosm. Your psyche is not merely an awareness, but a character in itself. Just as your brain has various lobes, performing specific functions, similarly, our being has different components that collectively make it what it is.

If you observe the anatomy of a sperm, it has a head, neck and a tail. There are various other components within those three, that help sustain the organism. Within the head, lies an organelle called Nucleus. This consists of the consciousness that drives the sperm, the DNA. Once the sperm loses itself in the ovum and becomes one with it, it loses its physical body and embraces its soul.

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

We all perceive reality in first person. You see your body performing various tasks, communicating with the ‘outside world’. This realm that consists of people, objects and infinite elements create a sense of duality, although it is one being. This is what we called, the illusion of separation. Nature has created this discernment in order help us perform our role, nevertheless, it could have created us in any way it wanted, but that’s where aesthetics come in. There is an order within the chaos.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

When we dream, we experience our unconscious in a similar way. We are convinced that this motion picture is actually real, but upon waking up the effect of the virtual experience fades off. It is hard to believe that we were only communicating with our own self, yet every character was unique and conscious. How can something so detailed be an illusion? That certainly is the miracle.

We can now acknowledge that the Creator or macrocosm, is the dreamer and we are His thoughts and each thought is conscious of its individual reality. Therefore time is relative.

“He himself is the clay, the pot maker and the pot.”

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