The Allegory Of The Academy Awards

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The Oscars ceremony is considered as one of the most highly prestigious events, covered by the media. Many people around the world celebrate the show, as it highlights the success of their favourite stars, with some humour, emotion and drama. Anybody who observes such events might be aware that there is a creative team behind the illusion. The gala is a product that is sold to billions of people — but that is not the real issue.

There was a time when there Kingdoms and tribes, ruling over their territories, and after millenia of warfare and collapse of empires, we became familiar with the term ‘democracy’.

In the last 100 years, we have seen the world change more than ever before, and it continues to do so, at a higher pace. The elite or 1% are ruling over the world, yet they create an illusion of independence, opposition and crisis. The tragedy is that we all are a part of this play.

The most powerful people write the script, and dictate the events of the world. This may sound absurd to somebody who doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories, but if you begin to pay attention, you will notice the synchronicity, as well. The film “Truman show”, reflects this scenario perfectly, which shows a man living an ordinary life at a set, until he begins to connect the dots and realises that nothing is real. Perhaps the masses aren’t mentally equipped to know the truth, as it will lead to more chaos than we are experiencing right now.

From a mystical perspective, all events are being orchestrated from the spiritual realm, yet we are unaware of the motion picture we are playing a role in. It is hard to tell where one actually has a choice, and where we are used as puppets.




Deep thinker. Interested in philosophy, metaphysics and mysticism.

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Taha Abbas

Taha Abbas

Deep thinker. Interested in philosophy, metaphysics and mysticism.

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