Eternal Nonsense of the Monkey Mind

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Almost all of you might be familiar with the film, “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”. In this Hollywood classic, the lead actor, played by Jim Carrey, tries to erase the memory of his girlfriend, played by Kate Winslet. While he is being operated, he realises what a grave mistake he is about to make, and unconsciously tries to preserve the memory of his girlfriend, as he does not want to lose her. He keeps hiding in his mind, to protect his past and eventually, some of his memories remain intact, even after being eradicated.

We try to erase our old self, but it has a habit of coming back. You could say that our spiritual or psychic immune system tries to attack and remove anything that is foreign. But when we start identifying with the false self, instead of our spirit, our immune system turns against itself. There is a duality within our psyche and its function is to sustain itself. Therefore, the more we are unconscious of our true nature, we are motivated by our instincts, hence we reject anything that threatens our existence. This is what I call, “spiritual cancer”.

In the language of gnosis (self knowledge), this spiritual warfare is called “David versus Goliath”. Both the archetypes belong to our psyche, but we remain unaware of what’s going on within us. If we observe this phenomena, on a macrocosmic level, then we can understand the duality of Self, known by the names of, Yin and Yang, darkness and light, God and Satan.

In this quantum reality, nothing exists outside the mind (macrocosm), therefore all material forms are manifestations of Self. This dichotomy between heaven and hell, can be understood by comparing it with electrons and protons within an atom. The friction between the two polarities (+ve and -ve charges) creates motion, which further leads to formation of light. Their electromagnetic resonance does not let them get entangled, yet they keep affecting each other.

They are like the two seas, that kiss, yet remain separated.

The thoughts we perceive as objects are multiplied and inter-connected. Imagine bacteria replicating for survival, although they are separate from each other, they are connected on a quantum level. One mind is controlling infinite bodies. Similarly, we protect our self through this mechanism, in the end, the stronger side wins.

Note: The above mentioned views are merely an observation of the writer, therefore, they may or may not be true. You are free to share your opinion, in case you disagree.

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